Achieve your sport dreams with your fans.

Sportsmen are extremely passionate about what they're doing. They try to make progress every day. The most braking force is not their own resilience, but a lack of means and support. Sports Angels wants to put an end to this.

Sports Angels is an online platform on which sportsmen specify their needs to realize their potential. They can ask both financial support and fringe benefits. Once a sportsman has summed up what he or she is looking for, fans, family and friends can come in and offer their help. Together we bring them to the next level!

It is as easy as creating a wedding list - in 4 steps:

  • 1. Sportsman sums up what he/she needs. Similar to a wedding list, a sportsman should first make a list with all the things he or she is looking for. Material, expertise, money or support? Please write it down. Don't be afraid to mention your very specific needs since the power of the crowd is enormous! Try to find a way in this stage to thank and reward your sympathizers, supporters and fans.
  • 2. The campaign goes live.Once your list is complete, your campaign can go live and get shared with your network. This stage's goal is to reach as many people as possible with your campaign. Social media are great for that. Also, the Sports Angels network will get informed.
  • 3. Fans, family and friends offer support.The crowd takes a look at your needs and will let you known how they can help you. Thanks to the Sports Angels platform, they can easily sign up for help and and contact you.
  • 4. Time for action.Once your campaign is completed, it's time to put things into practice. Together with your supporters, you go into action and grow to your next your level. Make progress, but no longer do it alone. The crowd is waiting to help you. Get started today!